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Simutrans was 13th fast growing project on Sourceforge

Simutrans logo

Despite only hosting graphics, Simutrans was the 13th fast growing project, where “growth” is defined as downloads, mentioned in the Sourceforge newsletter. Thanks for all the other pak contributors.

Moreover, Simutrans was also included in the list of Open Source games that may enjoy your kids during the holidays.

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The International Forum has been upgraded to SMF 2.0

The International Simutrans Forum, that works with SMF, has been upgraded to version 2.0 with a new look and features. Check it out at forum.simutrans.com.

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Pak128.Britain 1.09 released!

Many thanks to prissi for compiling a release of pak128.Britain 1.09 to go with the new simutrans executable 111. As this is the first release in a year, there are quite a few fixes/changes from 1.08, too many for me to remember but I will try to summarise below:
– many more snow images
– planes
– basic narrow gauge
– more ships and trains
– more citybuildings and attractions
– some player colour stations
– player barriers

Download link:

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Simutrans 111.0 release

A new stable version of Simutrans, 111.0, has been released today! Prissi summarized the changes as:

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Follow Simutrans on Twitter

Sojo, from the german crew, has created an unofficial Twitter account where you can read the latest news from the Simutrans world including new addons, maps, challenges, etc…

Join the convoy at simutrans_de

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Portland, Oregon now available as a map in Simutrans

Thanks to Statto you can play Simutrans in Portland, Oregon now. This beautiful map comes in two sizes: 636×408 and 1002×603.

Mount Fuji


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Simutrans-Experimental 9.6 has been released

 A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available today: Simutrans 110.0.1 Experimental 9.6. This version addresses the long-standing issue of network play between computers running different platforms.

There have also been some general bug fixes, and one or two small feature changes, but it does not yet incorporate all of the latest changes from Standard, as the priority was to fix the networking. It is anticipated that these changes will be incorporated into the next version.

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Simutrans Maps website updated

Today a mere 7 maps were added to the Simutrans Maps website.

Mount Fuji

Six of them were made by uci with the use of ETOPO data. The maps depict Europe, Japan, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji.


Further on Statto has made stunning map of the Zurich area, with lakes, rivers and mountains.


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SMSC April edition winners

The 2011 April edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest has finished. Congratulations to all people who took part in it.

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Simutrans-Experimental 9.5 has been released

 A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available today: Simutrans 110.0.1 Experimental 9.5. This version is a bugfix release, containing fixes for a number of reported problems, and includes all the latest fixes and enhancements from Standard

The issue of interfacing between Windows and Linux clients and servers in online play has not been addressed specifically in this version, but it is hoped to rectify this in a future version.

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