Yeah, Simutrans Community has got a blog!

Developers, project leaders, language moderators, pak Maintainers and few more dedicated people will be able to post freely news about anything they consider interesting to be aired for the community and visitors of, such as, new Simutrans releases, releases of paksets and add-ons sets, new projects, releases of tools, trivia of Simutrans development, new e-books, things related to Simutrans that could take place somewhere else and so on.

This blog stated to run from November 23rd, 2009. So don’t expect for now tons of contents here. Whenever we post something, you’ll be able to post comments.

We are planning some improvements for the blog and site. So be patient.

Please, don’t get scared. Once in a while people will post some craziness about the stuffs that the community has (or had) made. You know, we can’t take the life so seriously for long.

Enjoy the stay.  :)