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The Blog is back!

It took a long time… But the blog is once again online, on a shiny new server.

Don’t blame VS at all! ;-)

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The profile of a Simutrans player

Long time ago, we launched a survey to define the profile of the Simutrans average player and recently the results have been published at the wiki. Let’s take a look…

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Isaac releases his first music album

Our beloved benevolent dictator (and administrator of The International Simutrans Forum) Isaac.Eiland-Hall has released his first music album: “Journey Beginning”.

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Interview: Prissi, the Simutrans big boss..

microphoneSometime ago we talked with Hajo, the old headmaster of Simutrans and this time we’re going to know the person who is now in charge of Simutrans project, Markus “Prissi” Pristovsek.

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Our forum was hat’ed!!!

hat_attack“- Hats everywhere!!!”

“- Omg the hats are everywhere! Multiplying! Run!”

Our forum is suffering a hat attack. This is the silliest most dangerous attack that we have suffered since forum opening.

Beware! Hats can attack your avatar too.  Many Members’ avatars have been hat’ed.


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Interview: Hajo, the man who was there

This is an old interview I made some time ago to Hajo, the creator of Simutrans. As many people from the community didn’t know him, drawing on his return to the project, I decided to talk with him about Simutrans and many other issues.

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Happy 2010!

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2010.

Happy and peaceful new year!!!

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Interview: knowing more about the graphics creation process of a pakset

microphoneSurely many of you have dreamed with creating a new pakset for Simutrans, but you don’t know the requirements, specially what do you need to create the less common part of paksets: the graphics.

To know more about this process, we are going to talk with James “The Hood“, the pak128.Britain manager and graphics creator.

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Encourage Developers To Post News

Now we should encourage all programmers, pak set maintainers and everyone else who is busy with things around Simutrans to post news here.

Unfortunately I can only say that my pak.Excentrique is on halt currently, due to being busy with other projects. But I’ll be back!

– Hajo

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Hello world!

The new Simutrans official blog is open, all aboard!!