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pak.german moves to experimental

pak.german logo

The pak.german development team has made an important announcement. The pakset won’t support the standard version of Simutrans anymore, at least by the pakset mantainers, but it will support Simutrans experimental from v1.1.2011. The support of this pakset for Simutrans 102.2.2 is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to mantain a version for Simutrans standard, please contact with Frank and the rest of pakset mantainers to get the sources.

More details at International Simutrans Forum.

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pak.german update

There’s a new update of the pak.german pakset (102.2.2e). The development team has updated the texts with new translations and help files and they have also included new objects like a set of signals, citycars, goods and several factories for the plastic industry chain. As always, this update contains small improvements like several bugfixes related with vehicles alignment, retire and intro dates.

You can download it here.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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Shades 6.1 released

After some time, there’s a new version of Shades, a tool for removing rebel pixels created by VS.

This release is a mostly bugfix version… one new thing is the recoloring tool, which can be used to add easily player colours to your graphics. It’s recommended to upgrade.

You can download it here. The source code is also available VS site.

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Simutrans available for AmigaOS 4

It’s a non official release but Simutrans, using SDL, seems to compile very easily with the AmigaOS 4 SDK, so thanks to thematic’s effort, now Simutrans 102.2.x is available for AmigaOS 4.

You can dowload the binaries of Simutrans at and there’s also a Simutrans Experimental v7.3 version available for downloading here. More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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pak.german 102.2.2 released!

There’s a new version of pak.german for the new simutrans 102.2.2.

This release includes changes in prices and running costs, as well as some new buses and bus stops, besides many other corrections (alignments, old objects removed, etc..)

You can download it here.

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Pak128 1.4.6 released!

Several days after the new Simutrans release, here comes a new version of pak128 for v102.2.2.

This new release brings many new factories that replace old items, an airplane set, new airport graphics and objects, trucks and improvements to menus as other small updates and bug fixes.

You can download it at Simutrans SF site.

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Shades, the eraser is back

After half a year since the last release, there’s a new version of Shades, the best tool for removing rebel pixels that exist in Simutrans community.

There aren’t big news in this new version, named as 6.0 alpha 2. The brushes finally work and the next feature that will be implemented is the undo function.

You can download it here.

More details in the official announcement at Simutrans forum.

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pak.german new release

pak.german logo

pak.german logo

There’s a new release of pak.german available for downloading. It includes small corrections related with prices and running costs balancing, in addition to several new objects like passenger ships . For more details, please check the changelog.

You can download the new version at Simutrans sourceforge site.

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