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pak.german update

There’s a new update of the pak.german pakset (102.2.2e). The development team has updated the texts with new translations and help files and they have also included new objects like a set of signals, citycars, goods and several factories for the plastic industry chain. As always, this update contains small improvements like several bugfixes related with vehicles alignment, retire and intro dates.

You can download it here.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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Berlin and New York City map released

BerlinNew York City

Today two city maps created by NY911 were added to the Simutrans Maps website. One is the city of Berlin, the other is the city of New York. They both were used in interesting challenges for Simutrans players.


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Mud Mountains map released

Mud Mountains

Today a huge (4000×1200) fantasy map created by AEO was added to the Simutrans Maps website. It is called the Mud Mountains. It is a challenging map which forces you to build routes though a steep mountain range. The intended water level is -10.


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Maps of Russia and Sindor released

Map of Russia
Today a big new map (3040×1600) of Russia created by AEO was added to the Simutrans maps website. If you use this map be sure to set the water level to -2. The recommended number of rivers is 1024, the maximum length of rivers is also 1024.

Further, a map created by Sindor was added in two sizes (256×256 and 1025×1025). Sindor's mapUse water level -6 to get the intended map. As nobody seems to know if this map actually represents a real part of the world, it can be found in the fantasy maps section. Please make a comment if you know which interesting part of the world this might be.

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Shades 6.1 released

After some time, there’s a new version of Shades, a tool for removing rebel pixels created by VS.

This release is a mostly bugfix version… one new thing is the recoloring tool, which can be used to add easily player colours to your graphics. It’s recommended to upgrade.

You can download it here. The source code is also available VS site.

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Simutrans got a new graphics engine

That means all the errors with long vehicles shaving station roofs are gone (mostly). Watch the difference for instance with the pak128.Britain demo savegame.

This feature (and accompanying bugs) is integrated in nightlies taken from revision 3151 (or greater):

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Happy 2010!

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2010.

Happy and peaceful new year!!!

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