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Winter is coming

Fabio and mEGa are working on a large city re-vitalization project, in pak128. They are adding winter versions to a large number of pak128 hi-rise buildings.

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pak128 v2.1.0 released!

The pak128 development team has announced a new release of the pakset. There has been a ton of improvements since last release. Cities now look… well, see for yourself!

This new version brings these changes from previous stable version:

  • New set of residential blocks.
  • Airplane and tram balancing.
  • Two new ferries.
  • New special buildings.
  • New factory production modifiers.
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements.

You can download it from Sourceforge. More details at International Simutrans Forum.

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Pak128 version 1.99 alpha released!

The pak128 development team has announced that the open-sourcing process of the pakset is finally finished, therefore they have released a preview.

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Happy pak128 day!

What? didn’t you know it? 28th January is known as the first Pak128 Day of the year… Yay!


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new demo of pak128.german

The new team of pak128.german is pleased to present an updated demo version of this pakset.

This new demo version includes new graphics from Lemuria, with modern architectures and the gaps in the industry chains have been filled, thus the playability has been improved. The development team recommends not to play with timeline based savegames yet, and as always feedbacks and bug reports are welcome.

You can download it at

More details at Simutrans International Forum. Enjoy playing the pakset!

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Challenge of the Day: SimuWorld

Fuzzy Peach has created a new challenge for pak128 with SNFOS fences. It takes place in Simuworld.

It’s a score based challenge, and the goal is simple: you have to connect several areas and cities of the map. You can’t build airports and buildings in certain zones of the map, like the Prince Jeremy Islands National Park. It’s a very ecological challenge…

If you are interested, check out the challenge topic in our forum for more details about the goals and scorings.


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Pak128 1.4.6 released!

Several days after the new Simutrans release, here comes a new version of pak128 for v102.2.2.

This new release brings many new factories that replace old items, an airplane set, new airport graphics and objects, trucks and improvements to menus as other small updates and bug fixes.

You can download it at Simutrans SF site.

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pak128.german is still alive!

After solving all problems with the copyrights, the pak128.german development team has released a new demo version. It’s playable but It has only a few objects and no timeline support. The goal of this demo is to re-awake the interest on the pakset, attract new contributors and fix bugs.

The pakset needs new artists and contributors, thus If you want to join the project, put in contact with michelstadt or Frank through the Simutrans International Forum or the Simutrans German Forum.

More details about the demo at the deustche language board. You can download the demo version from…link

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Downsize objects from pak128 to pak64

Recently we have discovered an awesome tool that was hidden at links section.

Its name is Resizeobj and it allows you to port almost every kind of object from pak128 scale to pak64 scale, with very good results. Take a look..

resizeobj test

resizeobj test

It’s a command line tool for Windows with several parameters that allow you to set the amount of anti-aliasing, special night colors and the image size among other things. You can convert vehicles too. The windows binary and the source code are available for downloading at resizeobj homepage.

P.S: For non-japanese speakers, I recommend to use an online translator as the whole website is in japanese.

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