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Simutrans 25th Anniversary #5: For everything else, there is Simutrans

Enjoy this remake of a Simutrans advert video made 14 years ago by (the now inactive Devotee) vilvoh.

The Simutrans Community does not only welcome coders and artists. People who spread its love for Simutrans are also important, specially when they put as much effort and love in that as vilvoh did. Let this video serve as a reminder of all of you who enjoy making and sharing Simutrans content (be it now or in the past): Thank you! Without you too, Simutrans would not be what it is today.

Would you like to see (or make) more Simutrans-related media content? Well, you are in luck, because we have more surprises coming!

Next time, however, we will come back with another interview. Join us in two weeks as we will explore the boundaries of Simutrans with an exclusive interview with James Petts, lead developer of Simutrans Extended.

Schedule of the Simutrans 25th Anniversary Posts


The Aggregation of Code

This video, published by prissi in the forum, shows the contribution of the developers since 2006, which is the better part of it’s life as an open source project.

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Follow Simutrans on Twitter

Sojo, from the german crew, has created an unofficial Twitter account where you can read the latest news from the Simutrans world including new addons, maps, challenges, etc…

Join the convoy at simutrans_de

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Simutrans in Facebook

Facebook self portrait

Facebook by Ruben F. Castro

It’s a well known fact that nowdays Facebook is an important platform to promote something, thus some members of the Simutrans comunitty have decided to get Simutrans into this social network.

Firstly, we have recently created a Facebook Simutrans fan site, that contains several screenshots and the official logo too. Now you can list Simutrans under your games in your facebook profile and colaborate with images, comments or videos in the wall.

On the other hand, some time ago several people already created a Facebook Simutrans fan group. There are no admins in the group and it’s not very crowded indeed but we expect to boost it with the new fan site. Anyway, the group has 168 members, so it’s growing slow but sure.

We hope you to join us in Facebook in order to promote the game and reach to more potential players.

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Maps of Russia and Sindor released

Map of Russia
Today a big new map (3040×1600) of Russia created by AEO was added to the Simutrans maps website. If you use this map be sure to set the water level to -2. The recommended number of rivers is 1024, the maximum length of rivers is also 1024.

Further, a map created by Sindor was added in two sizes (256×256 and 1025×1025). Sindor's mapUse water level -6 to get the intended map. As nobody seems to know if this map actually represents a real part of the world, it can be found in the fantasy maps section. Please make a comment if you know which interesting part of the world this might be.

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Isaac releases his first music album

Our beloved benevolent dictator (and administrator of The International Simutrans Forum) Isaac.Eiland-Hall has released his first music album: “Journey Beginning”.

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All Simutrans stuff in a CD

Frank, one of the project managers, has compiled a CD with almost all Simutrans stuff available for the latest version released (102.2.2)

It includes the binary and several paksets like pak64, pakgerman, pakHAJO, pak128, pak128.Britain, pak32.comic, pak192.comic, pak.ttd and pak128.german.

Now you can burn a CD or load it into a USB stick and take it wherever you want. Dowload it here.

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Interview: Prissi, the Simutrans big boss..

microphoneSometime ago we talked with Hajo, the old headmaster of Simutrans and this time we’re going to know the person who is now in charge of Simutrans project, Markus “Prissi” Pristovsek.

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Simutrans monthly screenshot contest

All started at the simutrans german forum but now the new simutrans screenshot contest has involved the whole community. It’s going to be a monthly contest with a different topic each month. This time it’s about landscape-scene with player-vehicles (rivers, small train tracks, a little airfield, etc…)

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Another Simutrans review

Simutrans is again present at the traditional media. This time is a german magazine called Amiga Future, where you can find a deep review of Simutrans and its nemesis, OTTD:

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