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Using Blender to Create Simutrans Graphics

Sarlock, a fellow member of our community, published an interesting and detailed step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to use Blender, a free 3D computer graphic tool, to create graphics for Simutrans, focusing on buildings.

The tutorial also introduces you to the basic functions of Blender.

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Pak128.Britain 1.10 released

Just in time for Christmas, a new version of pak128.Britain is out today.  Included in the new release, appropriately, are more snow images for stations and HQs (meaning 99% of the set now has snow graphics), along with a wide range of new road and rail bridges, and a large set of new medieval attractions courtesy of wlindley.

You can download the new verion from Sourceforge… Enjoy!

PS Please report any bugs on the International Simutrans Forum.

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October SRGC: Submissions

ferry pictogramThe deadline for submission to the second Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest has just passed. There are six submissions of modern passenger ferries by: AEO, reytm2, mEGa, TommPa9, The Hood, and VS

The jury president Zeno will assemble his jury. A public poll will be held in mid October Novcmber.

A reminder: The next SRGC starts in November and runs for about 3 months again. This time with a building again. If you have suggestions, visit the discussion thread.

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Simutrans-Experimental compatible paksets

Any pakset that works with Simutrans-Standard will work with Simutrans-Experimental. However, Simutrans-Experimental has a number of features that can only be used fully when a pakset made specially for Simutrans-Experimental is used. Let’s review the status of some of the paksets that support this new version of Simutrans.

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Simutrans Graphics Contest: October

Ferry docked at Secombe

Mersey Ferry docked at Secombe (by jimmedia, cc)

The second Simutrans Graphics Contest has started. The topic this time are small ferryboats.

You can find all the details in the forum thread or by reading below.

Passenger Ferry

Subject of this contest is a small passenger ferry as seen in many metropolitan areas bordering streams or the sea. The type transporting a few dozen to a few hundred people over short distances.

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New drawing rules for pak96.comic

The pak96.comic manager, sojo, has updated the Graphics Style Guide with new rules, in order to keep the consistency of the pakset.

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Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest – Updated

modernist building

Chemistry Block, University of East Anglia (Harry Harris cc-by-nc-sa)

Update: The timeframe for submissions has started now. It also has been prolonged by one week.

The Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest (SRGC) is a graphics contest every three months. The objects of this contest are new graphical elements for simutrans. (Most graphics content in simutrans is organized in modular pak files, bundled together in pak-sets; eg pak64,pak128 etc) Submissions should run in the game and be designed to work together with an existing pak-set.

The theme for the initial competition is Modernist City Buildings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pak 32.comic sources now on Sourceforge

The source files of pak32.comic are now beeing stored in the simutrans svn repository on Sourceforge, link.

Main purpose of this is to store the files safely, and make them available to people who want to draw something for the set, but you can also browse the files for fun.

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new demo of pak128.german

The new team of pak128.german is pleased to present an updated demo version of this pakset.

This new demo version includes new graphics from Lemuria, with modern architectures and the gaps in the industry chains have been filled, thus the playability has been improved. The development team recommends not to play with timeline based savegames yet, and as always feedbacks and bug reports are welcome.

You can download it at

More details at Simutrans International Forum. Enjoy playing the pakset!

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Graphic archive registration disabled

haltSince the spammers registering at Graphic archive greatly outnumbered actual painters, user registration has been disabled. The primary function of the Archive is being easily accessible storage for templates and graphics, not a place for development and comments. So, disabling registration does not change much.

  • If you wish to use Graphic archive as an author, please contact me (VS) or Vilvoh, preferably on forum.
  • If you just want to browse and download files, no registration is needed – all content is visible to guests.

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