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Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest: October – Poll

The October Simutrans Regular Graphics contest is about to be finished by one week of public vote ending on 30 Nov. Head over to  the forum to vote for the Ferry you liked the best of these:

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October SRGC: Submissions

ferry pictogramThe deadline for submission to the second Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest has just passed. There are six submissions of modern passenger ferries by: AEO, reytm2, mEGa, TommPa9, The Hood, and VS

The jury president Zeno will assemble his jury. A public poll will be held in mid October Novcmber.

A reminder: The next SRGC starts in November and runs for about 3 months again. This time with a building again. If you have suggestions, visit the discussion thread.

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Simutrans Graphics Contest: October

Ferry docked at Secombe

Mersey Ferry docked at Secombe (by jimmedia, cc)

The second Simutrans Graphics Contest has started. The topic this time are small ferryboats.

You can find all the details in the forum thread or by reading below.

Passenger Ferry

Subject of this contest is a small passenger ferry as seen in many metropolitan areas bordering streams or the sea. The type transporting a few dozen to a few hundred people over short distances.

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Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest – Updated

modernist building

Chemistry Block, University of East Anglia (Harry Harris cc-by-nc-sa)

Update: The timeframe for submissions has started now. It also has been prolonged by one week.

The Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest (SRGC) is a graphics contest every three months. The objects of this contest are new graphical elements for simutrans. (Most graphics content in simutrans is organized in modular pak files, bundled together in pak-sets; eg pak64,pak128 etc) Submissions should run in the game and be designed to work together with an existing pak-set.

The theme for the initial competition is Modernist City Buildings. Read the rest of this entry »

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