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Fear of heights

Swiss AlpsIf you love skiing, mountain climbing or a well planned railroad then you can play on this map of the Swiss Alps made by NYC911. It is part of an interesting scenario in which you have to be very careful in laying your track.



Río de la Plata, western part

Rio de la PlataWe have been able to extend our Simutrans South American maps collection by courtesy of gabyregistrado. He made a very nice map of the western part of the Rio de la Plata. It measures 1599×798 and has nice water and mountain features. Apparently the air is very good in this environment.


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Valley of Mexico

Vancouver Feo has made a very cute map of the Valley of Mexico, the historical heart of Mexico and Mexico City. It is only 304×240, so very suitable for low-profile computers or network play. Set water level at -2.

Buen juego!



And now I’m packing it up and I’m rollin’ on out to Vancouver

VancouverSarlock has made a map of Vancouver and its Fraser river. It is a very big and detailed map, sized 6000×2148. Each tile represents 20m, so we are talking about an area of around 120×40 km. Mountain heights are on a logarithmic scale. Be sure to set water level at -9. To date this is the longest map on Simutrans Maps and it might be hard on your computer if you completely fill it up.

So, pack it up and roll on out to Vancouver!



Relive your holiday

MarsSo, we all have returned from our holidays. While you were away, others have spend time to make some new content for Simutrans Maps. If you are dreaming of going back to the good life, you can spend it with Simutrans in the USA and Central America, in New York City, on the British Isles and on … eh … Mars.

Kierongreen has made two huges maps, one of the British Isles (including the Shetlands), size 2440×3816, and one of the United States and Central America, size 5120×3276. That last one is now the biggest map available on Simutrans Maps. Be warned, both need serious computers to actually use them.

On a much smaller scale Carlbaker spinned off another part of his huge USA North-East map. This time it covers the area of New York City, size 1400×1114. And finally RogerBW has managed to map Mars just in time before Curiosity landed. He did in two sizes, 720×360 and 1440×720. Simutrans in space!!!



Over 200 maps available at Simutrans Maps

PragueAs of today there are more than 200 maps available at the Simutrans Maps website. The latest contributions were made by Carlbaker and ML.

Carlbaker extracted four smaller maps from his huge USA North-East map. They have various sizes and themes and cover New York City and Long Island, the New England coast, Boston to Niagara and Delaware and the Appalachians.

ML made a map of Prague and its surroundings a few years ago and has kindly made it available to the community. It comes in three sizes: 250×197, 500×394 and 1000×788.

And of course a big thank you to everyone who has contributed a map for Simutrans Maps in the past. It was the only way to get to these 200 maps.


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New set of tools for GIMP

We have a new set of tools for image processing in the Simutrans community, that complements the Shades tool.

It’s recomended for those who work with special colors directly within the XCF file (gimp native image format). It offers several functions like selecting, removing, repairing, lightening, darkening and converting special colors. It works with six different groups of special colors, the basic in Simutrans: Non-darkening greys, Windows, Primary player colors, Secondary player colors, Lights and Transparency.

You can download it here. More details at the Simutrans International Forum

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Back to the roots of the USA

USA North East
For those who like to play in the USA there are now two new maps of the North East of the USA available. They were made by Carlbaker. They roughly represent the original thirteen states of the USA. Two formats are available, called large and medium by their creator. The huge one is 2200×2548, the very huge one is 3482×4032, which makes it the largest map currently available on the Simutrans Maps website.

It’s a map with lots of beautiful, varied and challenging terrain — ranging from coastal to mountainous areas.



Pick your own palmleaf

Trinidad and TobagoQanibal has made two maps of the famous Palm island in Dubai. You can now redesign it in your own way! There are two versions of it, one with the palm only and one with a part of Dubai added. You can now download these maps from Simutrans Maps. Take note that in both cases the water level must be set to 0.



TileCutter v0.6.1 has been released

A new version v0.6.1 of the Simutrans Building Editor, TileCutter, is now available.

This new version provides a browse dialog for makeobj and several bugfixes like Z dimensions now permitted up to 16, infinite loop in dialog has been removed, irregular buildings and the source version work again.

You can download it here. More details at the International Simutrans Forum.

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