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Río de la Plata, western part

Rio de la PlataWe have been able to extend our Simutrans South American maps collection by courtesy of gabyregistrado. He made a very nice map of the western part of the Rio de la Plata. It measures 1599×798 and has nice water and mountain features. Apparently the air is very good in this environment.


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Over 200 maps available at Simutrans Maps

PragueAs of today there are more than 200 maps available at the Simutrans Maps website. The latest contributions were made by Carlbaker and ML.

Carlbaker extracted four smaller maps from his huge USA North-East map. They have various sizes and themes and cover New York City and Long Island, the New England coast, Boston to Niagara and Delaware and the Appalachians.

ML made a map of Prague and its surroundings a few years ago and has kindly made it available to the community. It comes in three sizes: 250×197, 500×394 and 1000×788.

And of course a big thank you to everyone who has contributed a map for Simutrans Maps in the past. It was the only way to get to these 200 maps.


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Portland, Oregon now available as a map in Simutrans

Thanks to Statto you can play Simutrans in Portland, Oregon now. This beautiful map comes in two sizes: 636×408 and 1002×603.

Mount Fuji


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Simutrans Maps website updated

Today a mere 7 maps were added to the Simutrans Maps website.

Mount Fuji

Six of them were made by uci with the use of ETOPO data. The maps depict Europe, Japan, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Grand Canyon and Mount Fuji.


Further on Statto has made stunning map of the Zurich area, with lakes, rivers and mountains.


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New North America maps available at

With the help of a dark, dusty and forgotten place in the maps lair, seven new North American maps have been uploaded to by Combuijs, including Tennessee, Bay Area, Dallas, Lynchburg, Salt Lake City, Sunriver Mountain and a map of whole North America. All of them have different sizes and levels of detail.

You can dowload the new stuff at

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