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New pakset released: Pak64.Experimental

As the result of the grow of the experimental version of Simutrans, some members of the community have created a experimental version of the Simutrans old pakset, pak64 called Pak64.Experimental, that aims to make it easy for players to take advantage of the above features by providing an Experimental-optimised pakset. At the basic level, pak64.experimental is just a branch of pak64 with several experimental-style features enabled. Let’s take a look about what it offers…

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New releases of pak64.japan and Pak128.Britain-Ex

Good news for all pakset lovers, we have new releases of old well known paksets.

The Simutrans experimental development team has released a new version of the pak128.Brittain-Ex. The v0.7 seems to be a testing and evaluation version, but it should balance better with Simutrans-Experimental than the standard Pak128.Britain. The dev team has done a great deal of work on balancing this pakset since version 0.6, so it should work considerably better. As a side note, it doesn’t support all Simutrans-Experimental features yet.

You can download it here. More details at International Simutrans Forum.

pak64.japanOn the other hand, the pak64.japan is back after major overhaul. The content is under a mixture of licenses so it won’t be hosted at Sourceforge, but the binaries and the source are available here. Besides, the texts are available for translation at Simutranslator.

More details at International Simutrans Forum.

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New playable release of Pak.Excentrique

Long time ago, Hajo, the creator of Simutrans, started a new pakset with the aim of making something special for Simutrans,specially for players who were bored of the common and mainstream graphic sets. The result is a pakset called Pak.Excentrique and we may define it as colorful, unsual and well…. excentrique!

Although the pakset is still under development, this might be the first playable version. It has depots, stations and two types of vehicles.

You can download the pakset at, and you can also follow the development at the International Simutrans Forum and forum.

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new pakset on the way… pak96.hh

pak96hh screenshotThis is an old project from 2006, carried out by Frank. The original idea is to take pak64’s scale but using 96 pixel tiles. This gives the player more space for the surrounding environment of the objects.

You can download an early demo with non free objects for a better gaming experience, but you will also need simuttd pakset and a test game. Remember the pakset is still under development.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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Happy pak64 day!

What? didn’t you know it? 6th April is known as the Pak64 DayYay!


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Downsize objects from pak128 to pak64

Recently we have discovered an awesome tool that was hidden at links section.

Its name is Resizeobj and it allows you to port almost every kind of object from pak128 scale to pak64 scale, with very good results. Take a look..

resizeobj test

resizeobj test

It’s a command line tool for Windows with several parameters that allow you to set the amount of anti-aliasing, special night colors and the image size among other things. You can convert vehicles too. The windows binary and the source code are available for downloading at resizeobj homepage.

P.S: For non-japanese speakers, I recommend to use an online translator as the whole website is in japanese.

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