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Theme of the blog… is back

We managed to fix a small problem in one of posts that broke the layout of the blog; depending on the browser the blog becomes almost unreadable.

The problem solved: the theme of our blog and the blog itself are back at all steam.

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Berlin and New York City map released

BerlinNew York City

Today two city maps created by NY911 were added to the Simutrans Maps website. One is the city of Berlin, the other is the city of New York. They both were used in interesting challenges for Simutrans players.


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Mud Mountains map released

Mud Mountains

Today a huge (4000×1200) fantasy map created by AEO was added to the Simutrans Maps website. It is called the Mud Mountains. It is a challenging map which forces you to build routes though a steep mountain range. The intended water level is -10.


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Server move complete (, others)

If you are unable to see the forum, you may have to wait for propagation (1-2 days). However, try the following:

1. restart browser

2. restart computer

3. If Windows, go to Start -> Run and type “ipconfig /flushdns” (no quotes) – it may fix

Many apologies for the stupid problems. I’ve posted a summary in Announcments on the forum.


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Maps of Russia and Sindor released

Map of Russia
Today a big new map (3040×1600) of Russia created by AEO was added to the Simutrans maps website. If you use this map be sure to set the water level to -2. The recommended number of rivers is 1024, the maximum length of rivers is also 1024.

Further, a map created by Sindor was added in two sizes (256×256 and 1025×1025). Sindor's mapUse water level -6 to get the intended map. As nobody seems to know if this map actually represents a real part of the world, it can be found in the fantasy maps section. Please make a comment if you know which interesting part of the world this might be.

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Pak32.Comic is in the translator now!

pak32.comicI finally managed to upload the p32c Set to the Translator.  Now you can contribute texts/translations in your native language.

Thanks in advance,



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pak96.comic has a new homepage

Due to some some technical problems with the old homepage, Sojo, the pak96.comic manager, has announced that the new pak96.comic website has moved to and now it’s also available in english.

The german site will be out of service by now.

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Graphic archive registration disabled

haltSince the spammers registering at Graphic archive greatly outnumbered actual painters, user registration has been disabled. The primary function of the Archive is being easily accessible storage for templates and graphics, not a place for development and comments. So, disabling registration does not change much.

  • If you wish to use Graphic archive as an author, please contact me (VS) or Vilvoh, preferably on forum.
  • If you just want to browse and download files, no registration is needed – all content is visible to guests.

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SNFOS, a meeting point for the Simutrans french community.

Seb444, a french member of the Simutrans community has announced that SNFOS site is back again. Snfos means French National Society of Objects for Simutrans.

It’s a sort of group that creates projects for Simutrans, related with France, and focus mainly on trains, maglev, buildings and attractions. The most famous project hosted there right now is the MLM train, created by gauthier but they’re also developing a set of high speed french trains.

If you want to join SNFOS and participate in project’s development or submit your project on the site, contact with the administrator (see Contact link)

Visit SNFOS at

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The Simutrans Forum just moved to a new server

potatoserverOur forum was moved to a new server. From now on, Isaac – one of our forum admins – will be hosting our forum on his servers.

Isaac wrote:

The forum has been moved back to Isaac’s servers. This was done with only a couple of hours of downtime.

Technically, for now, you will notice that “” is the domain — all requests sent to will be automatically forwarded to – this is what allows us to make the transfer seamless (with the exception of the necessary downtime to copy files and the database, but that was done at a time when activity on the forum was very minimal).

The remaining sites of  Simutrans are still on their original servers.


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