The pak128 development team has announced that the open-sourcing process of the pakset is finally finished, therefore they have released a preview.

This new release, that should be considered as “non-stable”, brings lots of changes:

  • Removed countless objects for which license agreement was not obtained – mostly vehicles.
  • Farm products split to bulk foodstuffs and piece goods (wool, cotton)
  • Lots of new rail vehicles – “Duck” EMU & DMU series, wagons for for fluids, bulk foodstuffs and liquid food, locomotives…
  • New, consistent and more complete ship set.
  • Many additional planes.
  • Some new station extensions.
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements.

There are too many drastic changes since 1.4.6, so you should treat this release as incompatible with everything earlier, and the compatibility pack will not help you at all.

You can download it at Sourceforge and you can also get the sources from the new repository. Nightly releases will be generated every week but they might be unavailable for some time.

More details at International Simutrans Forum