Today James released version 9.9 of Simutrans Experimental. It is based on standard Simutrans version 110.0.2. This version fixes several larger bugs that were introduced when rewriting major parts of it’s physics engine to make it fit for network games. It also catches up with the steady changes it inherits from standard.

[Update] James released in the meantime 9.10, fixing some gamebreaking bugs in 9.9. [/Update]

Please note recent versions of experimental are likely to still contain bugs, to fix severe ones the releases are not as well tested as before. Versions before 9.6 are more stable in comparison.

Last but not leastgives a first glimpse on the selectable liveries:

Instead of having several vehicles of the same type but different paint schemes in depots, the player should soon be able to select different liveries directly. (This is only an experimental feature, and requires a pak-set specifically made for this!)

Simutrans Experimental is a branch of the simutrans project increasing the games complexity and exploring new game mechanics. It is not a development version of simutrans. Features available or planed in Experimental will usually not come to Standard. Experimental however adopts all changes and maintenance from standard. The development versions of standard Simutrans can be found at the nightly page.