La Maison Radieuse, SRGC winner by mEGa

The first Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest (SRGC) has been concluded, and i can announce mEGa the first winner.

The topic of the contest was a modernist city building. mEGa chose one of the most relevant buildings, created at the onset of a development that truely changed the world. (If you’re in a city just look out of your window and you likely know what i mean.) It is a building by the architect Le Corbusier from 1956. It is located near Nantes, north-western france. Check the wikipedia article: french, english

The graphic is in 128 pixel format, has 4 rotations and winter images and it is a 3×3 tile attraction. It shall soon be found in regular pak128 nightlies. The release post with downloadable files is in this forum thread.

mEGa, congratulations and thank you for your participation!