october screenshot contest: a tale of two cities

A picture from Canada, (Sarlock’s screenshot) won the SMSC contest. (It could not be more fitting in autumn i should like to remark.) Raiser’s contribution was only one vote behind, don’t miss to have a look at all screenshots at the international forum.

Beside showing Canada, remarkable about the winning screenshot are the new trees. A work in progress snapshot of Sarlock’s extensive (winter) tree project for pak128. Over the last weeks he’s been working on high quality¬†conifers¬†and birches with good winter images.

please find larger screenshots and the original captions below.
(This is an extended cross post from the original g+ post.)


simutrans screenshot showing a forest landscape

Port Renfrew, 1990. Logging of the vast coastal forests is a tiresome operation. Dotted along the ocean's coastline are small communities built around sawmills and logging operations. This is one such area, nestled in a bay to shelter the port from the fierce winter storms that pummel the area. Large logging operations take place along the various hills and valleys and above the city is one such operation. The small community of Upper Post is centered around its logging operations. Trees are cut from the surrounding forests, transported to the main depot and the raw logs are trucked down the mountain to Port Renfrew to be cut in to lumber and shipped off to final destinations. Port Renfrew relies upon the steady stream of logs supplied by the logging camp at Upper Post and Upper Post relies on Port Renfrew to transport it all of the supplies it requires to operate. One cannot survive without the other. (Sarlock 2012)

Hannover-Rothenburg (Raiser 2012) In this setting you see the the Cities Hannover in the North, and Rothenburg in the South seperated trough the sea gate in the middle. Hannovers caracter is just like a typical major town containing mass citizens against Rothenburg with his desperate heavy industrie and large freight areas (not visible in this screenshot). They are connected via the Highway and the freight rail carrying grain to the flour mills in Rothenburg from the Grainfarms laying in the east from Hannover. Between the Sea Gate you can see the Bridges connecting the two cities in the underground with passenger trains. In addition to the inter urban rail services Streetcars, Busses, Ferry Boats and Underground Trains cross connect this two cityies. Real Game with timeline,year 1996, PAK128 with many addons and some modifications i introduce soon.