Enjoy this remake of a Simutrans advert video made 14 years ago by (the now inactive Devotee) vilvoh.

The Simutrans Community does not only welcome coders and artists. People who spread its love for Simutrans are also important, specially when they put as much effort and love in that as vilvoh did. Let this video serve as a reminder of all of you who enjoy making and sharing Simutrans content (be it now or in the past): Thank you! Without you too, Simutrans would not be what it is today.

Would you like to see (or make) more Simutrans-related media content? Well, you are in luck, because we have more surprises coming!

Next time, however, we will come back with another interview. Join us in two weeks as we will explore the boundaries of Simutrans with an exclusive interview with James Petts, lead developer of Simutrans Extended.

Schedule of the Simutrans 25th Anniversary Posts