After a long break, an alpha version of TileCutter has been released. This new version offers a new and improved UI with Makeobj integration and one-click export, a completely re-written cutting engine, the ability to save and load project files and a better translation system and integration with SimuTranslator (by now, only german and spanish translations are included)

You can download this essential tool here. It’s only for Windows, but if you use a Linux, try to run it with wine.

Moreover, the creator (Timothy) is also developing an entirely online version of TileCutter which will use the same cutting engine. He’s promised that it will do everything that the downloadable version of TileCutter can do, and the project files will be interoperable.

In addition to that, now you can get the source code of this great tool, in case you want to contribute to the project. It’s available in direct download or via SVN at svn://

More details in the official announcement at Simutrans forum.