We have a couple of challenges for the Simutrans players this summer:

The first one is Tramadness, where the local governments of the 4 cities in this map, have asked you to take care of the passenger transport, between the four cities and the three attractions. They promised they would build houses, and other buildings near the highest point of the map. So you decided to build a beautiful station there: Cambridge-Ripon TOP station. You finished your work now, but it seems the 4 local governments do not keep their promises, because they did not build anything near that station. Your goal is to get passengers from and to Cambridge-Ripon TOP station. Exactly at the moment the first passenger is waiting there, your job is finished.

You will need 102.2.1 (stable) and pak128 1.4.5 – 102.0. Join to tramadness.

The other challenge is Sylvan Oak, which takes places in 1880, at a largely rural landscape known as Sylvan Oak. In early winter, a wealthy investor from a far away land and his expert engineer come and lay rail tracks after finding oil and building a chemical plant. You realize that your fathers’ land near Hillcross will not be enough to sustain all of your family, so you decide to apply for a job with the new railroad that the investor built. You are ecstatic when you are told that you received the job, and quickly become the engineer of a giant industrial beast, a 0-6-0 switching oil cars into the chemical plant. You look at the map and see a land of opportunities. Your job? Prove him wrong; make the company a name known everywhere for size and service.

You will need the latest stable and pak 64 110.1. Join to Sylvan Oak.

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