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Simutrans experimental now at the Wikipedia.

wikipediaI’m proud to announce that Simutrans experimental, the young fork of Simutrans, now has its own space at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Right know there’s only a short text talking about the new features, but we expect it will grow adding more information about the project. I’m sure it will turn into a good showcase for this burgeoning fork.

Feel free to add new content to the article, or rewrite any of the texts…


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Interview: knowing more about the graphics creation process of a pakset

microphoneSurely many of you have dreamed with creating a new pakset for Simutrans, but you don’t know the requirements, specially what do you need to create the less common part of paksets: the graphics.

To know more about this process, we are going to talk with James “The Hood“, the pak128.Britain manager and graphics creator.

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