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Happy 2010!

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2010.

Happy and peaceful new year!!!

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pak128.german is still alive!

After solving all problems with the copyrights, the pak128.german development team has released a new demo version. It’s playable but It has only a few objects and no timeline support. The goal of this demo is to re-awake the interest on the pakset, attract new contributors and fix bugs.

The pakset needs new artists and contributors, thus If you want to join the project, put in contact with michelstadt or Frank through the Simutrans International Forum or the Simutrans German Forum.

More details about the demo at the deustche language board. You can download the demo version from…link

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Simutrans now available in Korean and Greek

babel tower

Some days ago, the development team added two new items to the list of supported languages: Korean and Greek. Now Simutrans is available in 29 languages, most of them supported and translated using Simutranslator, the online translation tool of the Simutrans community.

If you want to help us translating the game to these languages or any others, request an account at the forum or simply make suggestions that will be checked and surely approved by translation maintainers. Help us to localize Simutrans!

SimuTranse osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida

Καλώς ήλθατε στο Simutrans

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Happy Christmas! Pak128.Britain 1.06 Released

As it’s the perfect time for presents, here’s the release of pak128.Britain 1.06

The main features of the new release are the new boats and some more snow graphics, but there are a number of other goodies and minor fixes too.  More details in the forum here.

Please report any feedback, e.g. bugs or balancing issues in the forum.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas, and happy playing :-)


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pak.german new release

pak.german logo

pak.german logo

There’s a new release of pak.german available for downloading. It includes small corrections related with prices and running costs balancing, in addition to several new objects like passenger ships . For more details, please check the changelog.

You can download the new version at Simutrans sourceforge site.

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Downsize objects from pak128 to pak64

Recently we have discovered an awesome tool that was hidden at links section.

Its name is Resizeobj and it allows you to port almost every kind of object from pak128 scale to pak64 scale, with very good results. Take a look..

resizeobj test

resizeobj test

It’s a command line tool for Windows with several parameters that allow you to set the amount of anti-aliasing, special night colors and the image size among other things. You can convert vehicles too. The windows binary and the source code are available for downloading at resizeobj homepage.

P.S: For non-japanese speakers, I recommend to use an online translator as the whole website is in japanese.

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Nightly Builds

Since 4 days ago, the stable 102.2.1 is out.

So the will be built from the trunk again.

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The Simutrans Forum just moved to a new server

potatoserverOur forum was moved to a new server. From now on, Isaac – one of our forum admins – will be hosting our forum on his servers.

Isaac wrote:

The forum has been moved back to Isaac’s servers. This was done with only a couple of hours of downtime.

Technically, for now, you will notice that “” is the domain — all requests sent to will be automatically forwarded to – this is what allows us to make the transfer seamless (with the exception of the necessary downtime to copy files and the database, but that was done at a time when activity on the forum was very minimal).

The remaining sites of  Simutrans are still on their original servers.


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New stable release: Simutrans 102.2.1

simutrans-logoA new stable of  Simutrans is out: Simutrans 102.2.1.

Prissi, Head Developer, wrote:

No new features, but lots of missing bugs. AI are working again. For large maps some significant optimizations are in. Use the GDI version for large maps under MS Windows, which is compiled without additional DEBUG support and with all optimizations. (It is about 2-5 times faster than the MinGW versions.)

For a while,  this version is not available for downloads from our site, but you can download it from our community forum (see link below). Later we will be updating our site.

EDIT: site has been updated.


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We had a server outage

Failroad StationOur sites hosted on and The International Simutrans Forum experienced a downtime today (Dec 5, 2009).

We had been down for 3 hours approximately and we are back now.

For more info, please read the announcements below.

Sorry for inconvenience.


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