modernist building

Chemistry Block, University of East Anglia (Harry Harris cc-by-nc-sa)

Update: The timeframe for submissions has started now. It also has been prolonged by one week.

The Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest (SRGC) is a graphics contest every three months. The objects of this contest are new graphical elements for simutrans. (Most graphics content in simutrans is organized in modular pak files, bundled together in pak-sets; eg pak64,pak128 etc) Submissions should run in the game and be designed to work together with an existing pak-set.

The theme for the initial competition is Modernist City Buildings.Submissions should be posted in the international simutrans forum between 1 and 22 June. First price is widespread dissemination of the simutrans comunity’s respect.

Modernist City Buildings
The object of this contest should be a single tile large building as found in city centres. It has to be in a modernist style, more specifically from the aera 1950 to 1975. The building can be a scenic or famous building, but does not have to be. Both residential and commercial buildings are welcome, industrial building only if it fits into a downtown setting.

A predominant style from this aera is for example brutalist architecture

ideas can be found for example in a flickr group, with deviantart etc.

Feel free to post and discuss other architectural styles from this period (1950 to 1975) in the forum thread.

Details on the timeline, content to be submitted, rules, can also be found in the forum.