James Petts released a new version of simutrans experimental. Version 9.8 fixes some bugs introduced in 9.6 and 9.7. Please take note that 9.7 was released only a day before and 9.8 fixes a critical error in revenue calculation. As a reminder, 9.6 had a major rework of the physics engine to make experimental ready for network-games. The release thread with download links can be found here. Linux binaries are not ready at this point in time (2011-06-06 22:14 utc), but this should hopefully change to-morrow are available now.

Please remember experimental is in development and is work in progress, if you encounter bugs, errors or other problems with it please report it in the experimental forum (each bug in it’s own thread please). You can check Isaac’s guidlines for bugreports, if you’re unsure how to write a bug report.

Note: Updated this posting to reflect the release of 9.8 shortly after 9.7.