The pak96.comic manager, sojo, has updated the Graphics Style Guide with new rules, in order to keep the consistency of the pakset.

  1. All objects images need an outer black border line. (Eg.: House Walls, Roofs, Trash Cans, Vehicles, Factory Chimneys, etc.)
  2. Objects have a dark and light side, and it’s not separated by a black line. It’s just the color a little darker. Eg.: A building will have the walls facing south lighter than the walls facing west.
  3. Use intense colors to create the objects, don’t create a colorful objects, but don’t make it dark. – Bright colors are more desirable. Gray and black should only be used in exceptional cases. Just know where and when it is appropriate.
  4. Snow is generally white or a very very light gray. – Snow would cover unheated and well-insulated roofs, parked vehicles and any object it can snow. – For lights, fences or something like, snow cover is only 1 pixel high. No black border on snow.
  5. Doors, windows and gates don’t have black borders. You definitely need to add shades on the walls. – Windows should, if possible, be designed in multiple colors, so they look more realistic. Some of the windows should be lighted.
  6. Players don’t need vehicles with player color. However, these colors are desirable. Vehicles should have front and rear lighting. In general, however, no interior lights.
  7. Sidewalk color is # b0b0b0 – City Street color is # 7d7d7d – Highway color is # 9c9c9c
  8. Building Type: com, ind, res and mon (Monument) have 1×1 tiles in size. – Industries and attractions may be bigger.
  9. It’s good give some Informations or data about the objects. Eg.: vehicle power, launch year, capacity, etc. This info can be changed by the pak maintainers.
  10. It’s interesting create a description text for the same building types above. For 96comic try to be more fun. Those texts can be changed by the pak maintainers.

More information at International Simutrans Forum.