Ferry docked at Secombe

Mersey Ferry docked at Secombe (by jimmedia, cc)

The second Simutrans Graphics Contest has started. The topic this time are small ferryboats.

You can find all the details in the forum thread or by reading below.

Passenger Ferry

Subject of this contest is a small passenger ferry as seen in many metropolitan areas bordering streams or the sea. The type transporting a few dozen to a few hundred people over short distances.

Modern vessels built past 1970 (soft limit) are requested (in other words no paddle steamers.) Not requested are large long range ferries, eg. like those seen connecting Athens with Greek islands, connecting ports at the Baltic Sea and so on. A rough upper limit for the size of ferries is 60 m (the length of Istanbul Bosporos ferries)

Dat files and alignment of boats can be quite a bit tricky, but don’t worry. This is a graphics contest, while the graphic should be your own work, for the dat file and the technical aspects you can rely on the community, just post a request in the forum thread.

Submit your submission in competition’s forum thread before midnight (UTC) 31 October. Feel free to post your work in progress there, too. It would also be nice if you post about your intention to participate.

Providing the sources and putting it under a free and open source license is a required for this contest, the purpose of this contest is to encourage people to produce content required to improve simutrans. The graphic has to be compatible to the setting, style and technical aspects of one of the paksets maintained in this forum.

Price & Evaluation
Price: The respect of the community. (And almost certain speedy inclusion in a pakset)
The winner will be decided through the combination of a jury headed by Zeno and a public vote. The main reason for the jury is to offset the influence of different paksets.

Please don’t hesitate to post in the forum, if something is not clear, your idea does not completely fit the rules (we are flexible!) or if you have general questions.