As the result of the grow of the experimental version of Simutrans, some members of the community have created a experimental version of the Simutrans old pakset, pak64 called Pak64.Experimental, that aims to make it easy for players to take advantage of the above features by providing an Experimental-optimised pakset. At the basic level, pak64.experimental is just a branch of pak64 with several experimental-style features enabled. Let’s take a look about what it offers…

Pak64.Experimental is a modified branch of pak64 for use with Simutrans-Experimental. Many of the features of Simutrans-Experimental are currently difficult to access, because they require a compatible pakset. This pakset will give players easy access to these features, including the following:

  • Tilting trains.
  • Comfort ratings.
  • Catering vehicles (e.g. restaurant carriages)
  • Bi-directional trains.
  • Liveries.
  • Overcrowding capacity on passenger vehicles.
  • Way constraints.
  • Increase in maintenance for obsolete vehicles.
  • Fixed maintenance costs.
  • Industrial obsolescence.
  • Variable loading times for different vehicle.

Morevover, one of the stated aims of this pakset is to make it easier for new pakset-specific features of Simutrans-Experimental to be tested. It is planned that all new Experimental features will be incorporated in pak64.experimental.

More information at the International Simutrans Forum