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The International Forum has been upgraded to SMF 2.0

The International Simutrans Forum, that works with SMF, has been upgraded to version 2.0 with a new look and features. Check it out at

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TileCutter source code now on Github

The source code of TileCutter, the simutrans building object creation tool, has moved to Github. You can download it at

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Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest: October – Poll

The October Simutrans Regular Graphics contest is about to be finished by one week of public vote ending on 30 Nov. Head over to  the forum to vote for the Ferry you liked the best of these:

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Simutrans Experimental 10.3 released

The 10.3 version of Simutrans Experimental has been recently released. This is a minor new release, with several bug fixes like deleting stops from schedules, version numbers on savegames, lines’ average speeds and single vehicle convoys that refuse to load.

You can download it from the International Simutrans Forum.

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November’s Edition of Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest

A little bit late but here comes a new edition of SMSC. The subject of this month is Snow at railway crossings.

Everybody can participate, with only one screenshot of 800 x 600 pixels, in jpg or png formats. You can use any pakset, and the deadline is November 21th. The voting begins on November 22th.

The prize will be a mention of your nickname in the Simutrans Hall of Fame, praises from the whole community and one post including your picture at blog and


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Pak128.Britain 1.09 released!

Many thanks to prissi for compiling a release of pak128.Britain 1.09 to go with the new simutrans executable 111. As this is the first release in a year, there are quite a few fixes/changes from 1.08, too many for me to remember but I will try to summarise below:
– many more snow images
– planes
– basic narrow gauge
– more ships and trains
– more citybuildings and attractions
– some player colour stations
– player barriers

Download link:

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Simutrans 111.0 release

A new stable version of Simutrans, 111.0, has been released today! Prissi summarized the changes as:

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October SRGC: Submissions

ferry pictogramThe deadline for submission to the second Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest has just passed. There are six submissions of modern passenger ferries by: AEO, reytm2, mEGa, TommPa9, The Hood, and VS

The jury president Zeno will assemble his jury. A public poll will be held in mid October Novcmber.

A reminder: The next SRGC starts in November and runs for about 3 months again. This time with a building again. If you have suggestions, visit the discussion thread.

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