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After a long time,, the official repository of the Simutrans community, is back to life!

You can download tons of addons like skins, vehicles, buildings, factories and industry chains, etc… for the main Simutrans paksets. All addons included at a.s.c have been deeply tested, so all stuff have the seal of quality which ensures compatibility, stability and hours of fun. You can suggest new addons that may be included .

Btw, we need people that can test new candidates, so if you’re interested, just leave a comment here.

Come and visit! ¬†you will not regret…


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This is a resource intended for the Simutrans community. It’s easy to upload multiple files using the Flash interface, and for each file you get a direct link you can use – for example, you can upload multiple images, copy the direct URLs, and put “[img]” tags around them to post on the forum.

The basic rule is: Please only use this for Simutrans-related files.

If you have any troubles with the site, please let me know on the forum! :-)

Link: Files.Simutrans.US


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Nightly Builds

Since 2 days ago, the nightlys were generated from the branch for the next stable Version of Simutrans.

When the stable Version is out, they will be built from the trunk again.

– wernieman

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Encourage Developers To Post News

Now we should encourage all programmers, pak set maintainers and everyone else who is busy with things around Simutrans to post news here.

Unfortunately I can only say that my pak.Excentrique is on halt currently, due to being busy with other projects. But I’ll be back!

– Hajo

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Hello world!

The new Simutrans official blog is open, all aboard!!