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Pak128.Britain 1.07 released!

Great news for pak128.Britain fans! The latest version is out now, and you can get it here.

Main new features in this release:
– AEO’s maglev
– New Citybuildings from Archon and Wlindley
– Snow images for lots more things
– More sailing boats

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The International Simutrans Forum has now new forum rules and guidelines

The International Simutrans Forum has now new forum rules and guidelines and came to replace the old forum rules from 2008 with 3 pages of text (obviously nobody would not want to read that =P) . The new version is very short and covers all needs of the community.

From the Forum rules and guidelines official topic:

These guidelines are here to facilitate the smooth operation of the forum and to protect the community as well as their activities and works. Make sure you have read them. These are not, for the most part, hard and fast rules; in fact, they can help you to better enjoy your stay here.

Now, please our dear members and upcoming ones, read it and behave.  :-)


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pak96.comic has a new homepage

Due to some some technical problems with the old homepage, Sojo, the pak96.comic manager, has announced that the new pak96.comic website has moved to and now it’s also available in english.

The german site will be out of service by now.

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Our forum was hat’ed!!!

hat_attack“- Hats everywhere!!!”

“- Omg the hats are everywhere! Multiplying! Run!”

Our forum is suffering a hat attack. This is the silliest most dangerous attack that we have suffered since forum opening.

Beware! Hats can attack your avatar too.  Many Members’ avatars have been hat’ed.


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TileCutter version 0.5.4-alpha has been released

A new version 0.5.4-alpha of the Simutrans Building Editor, TileCutter, is now available for testing. This is likely to be the last alpha release, before moving into beta status.

This new version provides a better controls layout and handling of save locations, caching of last save location. A couple of bugs related with wxGTK and dialog boxes have been fixed. Moreover, some translations have been updated.

More details can be found on the forum, here.

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Graphic archive registration disabled

haltSince the spammers registering at Graphic archive greatly outnumbered actual painters, user registration has been disabled. The primary function of the Archive is being easily accessible storage for templates and graphics, not a place for development and comments. So, disabling registration does not change much.

  • If you wish to use Graphic archive as an author, please contact me (VS) or Vilvoh, preferably on forum.
  • If you just want to browse and download files, no registration is needed – all content is visible to guests.

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Challenge of the Day: Polskanada February

trophyBalsamo, a member of our community, has opened a challenge for people to participate in:

This challenge is simple. There is a map with ten cities. There is a sea in the center. One of the cities is small and far from the rest, isolated on its own island. So the goal for the game is to reach the highest population for that city in 15 years. The second goal is to have the highest population overall.

If you are interested, check out the challenge topic in our forum:



Nightly builds for 102.2.2 Release candidate

… are now available from the page

Most worthwile is the support for Korean language.

Many bugs were fixed, new ones were introduced (hopefully not). The upcoming release of the stable version 102.2.2 is intended to be the last stable version before the network mode is functioning.

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