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Server move complete (, others)

If you are unable to see the forum, you may have to wait for propagation (1-2 days). However, try the following:

1. restart browser

2. restart computer

3. If Windows, go to Start -> Run and type “ipconfig /flushdns” (no quotes) – it may fix

Many apologies for the stupid problems. I’ve posted a summary in Announcments on the forum.


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Server move

In case you cannot access the International Simutrans Forum or certain other sites this morning, please give a little time: The sites are being moved to a new server.

More information as this process is completed.

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Another pak.german minor update

There’s a new small update for the pak.german pakset (102.2.2d). The development team has fixed several small bugs related with running costs, intro dates and player colors. It also includes a new train from FlohOswald, called bay 3T5.

You can download it here.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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Simutrans wants to know more about you!

If you have played or play Simutrans, we would like to invite you to participate in the Simutrans players survey.

We would like to know how much experience do you have dealing with Simutrans, which OS do you use, the amount of time you dedicate to the game, the version you use, etc… To sum up, we try to get the whole picture of several aspects about the way you play Simutrans so we can improve them.

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Pak 32.comic sources now on Sourceforge

The source files of pak32.comic are now beeing stored in the simutrans svn repository on Sourceforge, link.

Main purpose of this is to store the files safely, and make them available to people who want to draw something for the set, but you can also browse the files for fun.

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