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Simutrans Experimental 9.9 released

Today James released version 9.9 of Simutrans Experimental. It is based on standard Simutrans version 110.0.2. This version fixes several larger bugs that were introduced when rewriting major parts of it’s physics engine to make it fit for network games. It also catches up with the steady changes it inherits from standard.

[Update] James released in the meantime 9.10, fixing some gamebreaking bugs in 9.9. [/Update]

Please note recent versions of experimental are likely to still contain bugs, to fix severe ones the releases are not as well tested as before. Versions before 9.6 are more stable in comparison.

Last but not leastgives a first glimpse on the selectable liveries:

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Portland, Oregon now available as a map in Simutrans

Thanks to Statto you can play Simutrans in Portland, Oregon now. This beautiful map comes in two sizes: 636×408 and 1002×603.

Mount Fuji


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Simutrans Experimental 9.8 [updated]

James Petts released a new version of simutrans experimental. Version 9.8 fixes some bugs introduced in 9.6 and 9.7. Please take note that 9.7 was released only a day before and 9.8 fixes a critical error in revenue calculation. As a reminder, 9.6 had a major rework of the physics engine to make experimental ready for network-games. Read the rest of this entry »

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Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest – Updated

modernist building

Chemistry Block, University of East Anglia (Harry Harris cc-by-nc-sa)

Update: The timeframe for submissions has started now. It also has been prolonged by one week.

The Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest (SRGC) is a graphics contest every three months. The objects of this contest are new graphical elements for simutrans. (Most graphics content in simutrans is organized in modular pak files, bundled together in pak-sets; eg pak64,pak128 etc) Submissions should run in the game and be designed to work together with an existing pak-set.

The theme for the initial competition is Modernist City Buildings. Read the rest of this entry »

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