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SMSC January edition winners

The 2011 January edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest has finished. Congratulations to all people who took part in it.

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Happy pak128 day!

What? didn’t you know it? 28th January is known as the first Pak128 Day of the year… Yay!


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New releases of pak64.japan and Pak128.Britain-Ex

Good news for all pakset lovers, we have new releases of old well known paksets.

The Simutrans experimental development team has released a new version of the pak128.Brittain-Ex. The v0.7 seems to be a testing and evaluation version, but it should balance better with Simutrans-Experimental than the standard Pak128.Britain. The dev team has done a great deal of work on balancing this pakset since version 0.6, so it should work considerably better. As a side note, it doesn’t support all Simutrans-Experimental features yet.

You can download it here. More details at International Simutrans Forum.

pak64.japanOn the other hand, the pak64.japan is back after major overhaul. The content is under a mixture of licenses so it won’t be hosted at Sourceforge, but the binaries and the source are available here. Besides, the texts are available for translation at Simutranslator.

More details at International Simutrans Forum.

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Let’s go multiplayer with Simutrans

As many of you know, the development team is working hard on the multiplayer mode. In fact it’s available in nightlies since several months ago. So, now it’s time to play with other players around the world but what do you exactly need?

There’s an official list of active server with games and paksets avaliable. You just need to check the list and join a game or register a new server in case you want to create a new game. The list is updated quite often.

At the International Simutrans forum, there’s also a game servers board where you can announce your servers, with all details and you can also use the threads as changelogs, in case people has problems joining the game or with the status of the server. You can also use that forum to propose new competitions or hosting games with other paksets.

In case you want to join a game, you can follow this short tutorial. In case you want to set up a server, there’s another helpful tutorial. In brief, you need to download the nightly, register your server at the official servers list and the follow the instructions.

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River delta map released

Today a new map created by AEO was added to the Simutrans Maps website. It represents a large river delta and it’s very large indeed: 4096×786. Be sure to set the water level to -8 to get the desired map.

river delta


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January’s Edition of Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest

A new year has begun and here we are with a new edition of SMSC. The subject of this month is Forests, Lakes and a road.

Everybody can participate, with only one screenshot of 800 x 600 pixels, in jpg or png formats. You can use any pakset, and the deadline is January 23rd. The voting begins on January 24th.

The prize will be a mention of your nickname in the Simutrans Hall of Fame, praises from the whole community and one post including your picture at blog and


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