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Happy new year 2012!

Near Ueno Station

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2012.

Special thanks to the devevelopment team of Simutrans for the superb work they did during 2011, and we hope that it will continue during this year.

Also thanks to all the great people making Simutrans a fascinating game: players, testers and graphic artists. 2012 looking promising… best of wishes and happy new year!

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SMSC December 2011: Winner Isaac Clarke

Morvan is the river which march along the village of the same nameWinner of the December edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest is Isaac Clarke. The screenshot of Morvan is a river which march along the village of the same name. The economy of this little locality is based on rural industries. Built with pak128, It gathered almost half of the total votes. Screenshots by mEGA and fabio scored second and third respectively.
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Pak128.Britain 1.10 released

Just in time for Christmas, a new version of pak128.Britain is out today.  Included in the new release, appropriately, are more snow images for stations and HQs (meaning 99% of the set now has snow graphics), along with a wide range of new road and rail bridges, and a large set of new medieval attractions courtesy of wlindley.

You can download the new verion from Sourceforge… Enjoy!

PS Please report any bugs on the International Simutrans Forum.

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New release of pak.Excentrique



There’s a new release of pak.Excentrique, made by Hajo, adapted for the new Simutrans 111.0. It has new buildings, trees, icons, translations, citynames, tools and preliminary big logo.

You can download it from Sourceforge. The sources are in the SVN on Sourceforge, if someone is interested.

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Simutrans was 13th fast growing project on Sourceforge

Simutrans logo

Despite only hosting graphics, Simutrans was the 13th fast growing project, where “growth” is defined as downloads, mentioned in the Sourceforge newsletter. Thanks for all the other pak contributors.

Moreover, Simutrans was also included in the list of Open Source games that may enjoy your kids during the holidays.

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The bridges of pak128.Britain

steel truss bridge, by The Hood

The Hood, maintainer of Pak128.Britain is working hard to bring more bridges to the pakset.

An example, a steel truss bridge in player colour, can be seen to the left.

The result, which is outstanding, can be seen in the forum. In final form they could be seen in the next version of the pakset, which is likely to be released before spring.


SRGC Winter: Station Extension Buildings

cc (by, nc, sa) by M Kuhn

The third round of the Simutrans Regular Graphics Contest has started. The topic are station extension buildings for passengers, in winter. Read the rest of this entry »

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SMSC November 2011: Winner Spacethingy

screenshot of a murky winter's afternoon becomes chaoticWinner of the November edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest is Spacethingy. The screenshot of a murky winter’s afternoon that becomes chaotic as a level-crossing on the outskirts of a city becomes frozen open. Luckily, a railway depot is nearby, allowing engineers to inspect the damage (and wave flags) quickly. It was built with pak128.Britain gathered almost half of the total votes. Screenshots by Sybill and Lmallet scored second and third respectively. Read the rest of this entry »

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December’s Edition of Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest

Last contest of the year, here we go with a new edition of SMSC. The subject of this month is Small Villages and tourist attractions.

Everybody can participate, with only one screenshot of 800 x 600 pixels, in jpg or png formats. You can use any pakset, and the deadline is December 15th. The voting begins on December 16th.

The prize will be a mention of your nickname in the Simutrans Hall of Fame, praises from the whole community and one post including your picture at blog and


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