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Tilecutter is already available for translating

After releasing the new version of Tilecutter, the application’s texts are now avaliable for translation at Simutranslator, the online tool for translating texts of Simutrans in all languages.

English and Spanish are the first languages that have reached the 100% of Tilecutter texts translated. German is about 7% and Portuguesse is 5.5%. The rest of languages are at 0%.

They’re only 128 texts so come on and help us translating this great tool! you can make suggestions request an account at Simutranslator.

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Shades, the eraser is back

After half a year since the last release, there’s a new version of Shades, the best tool for removing rebel pixels that exist in Simutrans community.

There aren’t big news in this new version, named as 6.0 alpha 2. The brushes finally work and the next feature that will be implemented is the undo function.

You can download it here.

More details in the official announcement at Simutrans forum.

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SNFOS, a meeting point for the Simutrans french community.

Seb444, a french member of the Simutrans community has announced that SNFOS site is back again. Snfos means French National Society of Objects for Simutrans.

It’s a sort of group that creates projects for Simutrans, related with France, and focus mainly on trains, maglev, buildings and attractions. The most famous project hosted there right now is the MLM train, created by gauthier but they’re also developing a set of high speed french trains.

If you want to join SNFOS and participate in project’s development or submit your project on the site, contact with the administrator (see Contact link)

Visit SNFOS at

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New version of TileCutter released

After a long break, an alpha version of TileCutter has been released. This new version offers a new and improved UI with Makeobj integration and one-click export, a completely re-written cutting engine, the ability to save and load project files and a better translation system and integration with SimuTranslator (by now, only german and spanish translations are included)

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Core developer team growths

Since I took over Simutrans development, there were never more than two people coding intensively on it and most coding efforts were just a single post of a patch or some PMs. But since a few months we have a real team. The network code development has been the first collaborative effort for a long time that got the team spirit going.

To make it officially, Knightly has now joined the core team, which includes write access to the SVN.


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New wiki tutorial about creating objects

The people from french Simutrans community have written a detailed tutorial, full of sample images, about how to create an addon. From the png image to the final pak file, it covers almost all stages of the creation process. It’s specially recommend for newbies who want to develop their first object for Simutrans.

The original article is available in french, but if you want to translate it to your native language, put in contact with your wiki admin, get an account and translate it!

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Interview: Hajo, the man who was there

This is an old interview I made some time ago to Hajo, the creator of Simutrans. As many people from the community didn’t know him, drawing on his return to the project, I decided to talk with him about Simutrans and many other issues.

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Another Simutrans review

Simutrans is again present at the traditional media. This time is a german magazine called Amiga Future, where you can find a deep review of Simutrans and its nemesis, OTTD:

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Simutrans ingame help online

The ingame help is one of the primary help sources in Simutrans. Thanks to Frank’s efforts the ingame help files are now directly accessible via web-browser. Go to Simutrans InGame Help Online site and choose the language.

This is just a viewer, so if you want to write new help files or modify the existing ones, use SimuTranslator. It might be also useful for people who want to print out the help files…

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Networking simutrans is near

The networking code nearly reaches the first stage, where people can connect a game and play over the network on the same map. This long term effort is now coming close to functionality. You need a recent nightly and can then start a server by putting -server on the commandline. In the client, you need to enter net: as name for the game to load (if you run both on the same computer).

This is still early code, so the nightlies actually may become instable for a little while.


ternational Simutrans Forum

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