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SMSC April edition winners

The April edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest has finished. Congratulations to all people who took part in it.

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Simutrans available for AmigaOS 4

It’s a non official release but Simutrans, using SDL, seems to compile very easily with the AmigaOS 4 SDK, so thanks to thematic’s effort, now Simutrans 102.2.x is available for AmigaOS 4.

You can dowload the binaries of Simutrans at and there’s also a Simutrans Experimental v7.3 version available for downloading here. More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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New Release of Simutrans-Experimental

 A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available today: Simutrans 102.3 Experimental 7.3. This version is an interim release pending the next main release, Simutrans-Experimental 8.0, which will fix the automatic convoy replacer feature (right now disabled), enable depots that can only build certain types of vehicles (e.g., steam, diesel, sail, etc.), and improve compatibility with saved games.

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Simutrans got a new graphics engine

That means all the errors with long vehicles shaving station roofs are gone (mostly). Watch the difference for instance with the pak128.Britain demo savegame.

This feature (and accompanying bugs) is integrated in nightlies taken from revision 3151 (or greater):

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Happy pak64 day!

What? didn’t you know it? 6th April is known as the Pak64 DayYay!


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Challenge of the Day: SimuWorld

Fuzzy Peach has created a new challenge for pak128 with SNFOS fences. It takes place in Simuworld.

It’s a score based challenge, and the goal is simple: you have to connect several areas and cities of the map. You can’t build airports and buildings in certain zones of the map, like the Prince Jeremy Islands National Park. It’s a very ecological challenge…

If you are interested, check out the challenge topic in our forum for more details about the goals and scorings.


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