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July’s Edition of Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest

The last edition of SMSC before the summer break is on the way. The subject of this month is Banner for G+.

Everybody can participate, with only one screenshot of 960 x 180 pixels, in jpg or png formats. You can use any pakset, and the deadline is July 17th. The voting begins on July 18th.

The prize will be a mention of your nickname in the Simutrans Hall of Fame, praises from the whole community and one post including your picture at blog and


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SMSC June 2012: Winner mEGA

Little center parkThe Winner of the June edition of the Simutrans is mEGA with Little center park, a big park in a residential quarter of a middle town. Citizens are very enjoy to live in this part of city. They can buy some fresh foods on neighborhood covered market Hall, trams and buses transport everybody in everywhere. Welcome to Eden!. It was created with pak128 and gathered a third of the votes.

Screenshots by Junna, isaac_clarke and enkort scored a second and two third places respectively.

Find the poll and discussion at the International Simutrans Forum.

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Over 200 maps available at Simutrans Maps

PragueAs of today there are more than 200 maps available at the Simutrans Maps website. The latest contributions were made by Carlbaker and ML.

Carlbaker extracted four smaller maps from his huge USA North-East map. They have various sizes and themes and cover New York City and Long Island, the New England coast, Boston to Niagara and Delaware and the Appalachians.

ML made a map of Prague and its surroundings a few years ago and has kindly made it available to the community. It comes in three sizes: 250×197, 500×394 and 1000×788.

And of course a big thank you to everyone who has contributed a map for Simutrans Maps in the past. It was the only way to get to these 200 maps.


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Back to the roots of the USA

USA North East
For those who like to play in the USA there are now two new maps of the North East of the USA available. They were made by Carlbaker. They roughly represent the original thirteen states of the USA. Two formats are available, called large and medium by their creator. The huge one is 2200×2548, the very huge one is 3482×4032, which makes it the largest map currently available on the Simutrans Maps website.

It’s a map with lots of beautiful, varied and challenging terrain — ranging from coastal to mountainous areas.



pak128.Britain version 1.11 released!

It’s time for a new release of pak128.Britain. Version 1.11 has the following new features:

– London underground tube trains, track and stations

– More new bridges for road and rail

– More new aeroplanes

Download the new release from sourceforge.

Have fun – and do let us know in the pak128.Britain forum if you have any comments or feedback

SMSC March 2012: Winner hdomos

EdinburghWinner of the March edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest is hdomos. This industrial area provide most of the goods for the two town, including cars (not seen in picture), ethanol, gasoline, furniture, concrete, planks, books, etc… Built with pak.britain, It gathered 14 votes.

Screenshots by sybill and Isaac_Clarke scored seconds and third respectively.

Find the poll and discussion at the International Simutrans Forum.

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Pick your own palmleaf

Trinidad and TobagoQanibal has made two maps of the famous Palm island in Dubai. You can now redesign it in your own way! There are two versions of it, one with the palm only and one with a part of Dubai added. You can now download these maps from Simutrans Maps. Take note that in both cases the water level must be set to 0.



New Simutrans release!

Simutrans logo


A new stable version of Simutrans, 111.1, has been released today! The development team summarized the changes as:

Mostly bugfixes and optimisations (e.g. faster display on large windows when zooming out). Most important for game play is the fact that speed bonus now takes into account the maximum possible top speed, included speed limits imposed by ways and overloaded vehicles.

You can find a full changelog and download links for windows, linux, haiku and mac binaries at the International Simutrans Forum.

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Cruising to Trinidad and Tobago

Inspired by a tutorial by Dantedarkstar Jack Rudd has made a map of Trinidad and Tobago. Set up your own cruise to these sunny islands! You can now download this map from Simutrans Maps.

Trinidad and Tobago



Happy new year 2012!

Near Ueno Station

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2012.

Special thanks to the devevelopment team of Simutrans for the superb work they did during 2011, and we hope that it will continue during this year.

Also thanks to all the great people making Simutrans a fascinating game: players, testers and graphic artists. 2012 looking promising… best of wishes and happy new year!

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