MarsSo, we all have returned from our holidays. While you were away, others have spend time to make some new content for Simutrans Maps. If you are dreaming of going back to the good life, you can spend it with Simutrans in the USA and Central America, in New York City, on the British Isles and on … eh … Mars.

Kierongreen has made two huges maps, one of the British Isles (including the Shetlands), size 2440×3816, and one of the United States and Central America, size 5120×3276. That last one is now the biggest map available on Simutrans Maps. Be warned, both need serious computers to actually use them.

On a much smaller scale Carlbaker spinned off another part of his huge USA North-East map. This time it covers the area of New York City, size 1400×1114. And finally RogerBW has managed to map Mars just in time before Curiosity landed. He did in two sizes, 720×360 and 1440×720. Simutrans in space!!!