Simutrans is again present at the traditional media. This time is a german magazine called Amiga Future, where you can find a deep review of Simutrans and its nemesis, OTTD:

Release Date:
5 – 15. January 2010 planned – 8. January released

AmigaOS 4 Update 1, Maniac Mansion – Day for the Tentacle, Space Shooter, Bordo, SimuTrans, The Mana World, Open TTD, Reminiscence.

At the cover, you can notice a Simutrans screenshot of, what we assume is the pak128.Britain (bottom row, second picture)

You can take a look at the first page of the article in english or german. It contains only technical aspects (how to run it) and a neutral description of the game but no evaluation/critic.

For those ones who can’t access to the article, Prissi (head developer
) who owns a copy, says that it’s a very kind review, with actual a deeper test (the review is spanning two pages). They have tested nearly all paksets and gave a very kind summary.

For people who played simcity, Transport Tycoon or OpenTTD, Simutrans has something from each of them. Recommended throughly.