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We got network mode at nightlies again…

Since more than a month ago, the nightly compilations were built from the stable branch without network features. As the stable version has been already released, the nightlies are built from trunk again. Therefore Dwachs, one of the main developers, has announced that nightlies from the nightly downloadpage contain the network features again!

If you want to help us improving the network mode by discovering and reporting bugs, please download and test the new nigthlies!

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Nightly builds for 102.2.2 Release candidate

… are now available from the page

Most worthwile is the support for Korean language.

Many bugs were fixed, new ones were introduced (hopefully not). The upcoming release of the stable version 102.2.2 is intended to be the last stable version before the network mode is functioning.

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Nightly Builds

Since 4 days ago, the stable 102.2.1 is out.

So the will be built from the trunk again.

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Nightly Builds

Since 2 days ago, the nightlys were generated from the branch for the next stable Version of Simutrans.

When the stable Version is out, they will be built from the trunk again.

– wernieman

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