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Supporting the japanese Simutrans community

Well, it isn’t new that some days ago Japan was hit by a 10-meter tsunami and an earthquake (8.9 RC) damaged important facilities of the country, including several nuclear powerplants. Many lives lost and many people lost all.

Tears leave me alone,
Memories abandon me,
The rosebud brings hope.
Raj Halve

Since the Simutrans Community has a Japanese Forum, we want to express our most sincerely support to the Japanese Simutrans community and to Japan too, hoping the country will be rebuilt back as soon as possible.

More information at the International Simutrans Forum.

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pak.german moves to experimental

pak.german logo

The pak.german development team has made an important announcement. The pakset won’t support the standard version of Simutrans anymore, at least by the pakset mantainers, but it will support Simutrans experimental from v1.1.2011. The support of this pakset for Simutrans 102.2.2 is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to mantain a version for Simutrans standard, please contact with Frank and the rest of pakset mantainers to get the sources.

More details at International Simutrans Forum.

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New russian board at International Simutrans Forum

St_Basils_CathedralWe have great news for russian simutrans players. The simutrans community has decided to open a new language board for russian speakers, since many people has manifested their interest on this issue lately. It will be moderated by inkelyad.

In addition to that, the ISF team has enabled the russian language for the forum interface, so now there’s no excuse. Get an account at the forum, select russian as your native language, and enjoy been part of a growing community of players, artists and developers!

Visit the new Russian language board at the International Simutrans Forum.

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Simutrans now available in Korean and Greek

babel tower

Some days ago, the development team added two new items to the list of supported languages: Korean and Greek. Now Simutrans is available in 29 languages, most of them supported and translated using Simutranslator, the online translation tool of the Simutrans community.

If you want to help us translating the game to these languages or any others, request an account at the forum or simply make suggestions that will be checked and surely approved by translation maintainers. Help us to localize Simutrans!

SimuTranse osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida

Καλώς ήλθατε στο Simutrans

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