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New tutorial about addons creating process

After many requests, finally somebody from the community has encouraged to create a detailed tutorial about the process of creating addons, from botton to top. The document, created by Gauthier, covers all stages of the addons development process, from graphics to pak file creation, but it only uses pixel art techniques, not 3D.

This tutorial is basically written for pak128, but the process is the same for any pakset, the only thing that changes is the size of the images. It’s available at SNFOS site and we’ll try to include some parts in the official wiki.

Now you don’t have excuses to start creating new objects for Simutrans…. ;)

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Simutrans ingame help online

The ingame help is one of the primary help sources in Simutrans. Thanks to Frank’s efforts the ingame help files are now directly accessible via web-browser. Go to Simutrans InGame Help Online site and choose the language.

This is just a viewer, so if you want to write new help files or modify the existing ones, use SimuTranslator. It might be also useful for people who want to print out the help files…

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