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The Simutrans Forum just moved to a new server

potatoserverOur forum was moved to a new server. From now on, Isaac – one of our forum admins – will be hosting our forum on his servers.

Isaac wrote:

The forum has been moved back to Isaac’s servers. This was done with only a couple of hours of downtime.

Technically, for now, you will notice that “” is the domain — all requests sent to will be automatically forwarded to – this is what allows us to make the transfer seamless (with the exception of the necessary downtime to copy files and the database, but that was done at a time when activity on the forum was very minimal).

The remaining sites of  Simutrans are still on their original servers.


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We had a server outage

Failroad StationOur sites hosted on and The International Simutrans Forum experienced a downtime today (Dec 5, 2009).

We had been down for 3 hours approximately and we are back now.

For more info, please read the announcements below.

Sorry for inconvenience.


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This is a resource intended for the Simutrans community. It’s easy to upload multiple files using the Flash interface, and for each file you get a direct link you can use – for example, you can upload multiple images, copy the direct URLs, and put “[img]” tags around them to post on the forum.

The basic rule is: Please only use this for Simutrans-related files.

If you have any troubles with the site, please let me know on the forum! :-)

Link: Files.Simutrans.US


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