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Isaac releases his first music album

Our beloved benevolent dictator (and administrator of The International Simutrans Forum) Isaac.Eiland-Hall has released his first music album: “Journey Beginning”.

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Interview: knowing more about the graphics creation process of a pakset

microphoneSurely many of you have dreamed with creating a new pakset for Simutrans, but you don’t know the requirements, specially what do you need to create the less common part of paksets: the graphics.

To know more about this process, we are going to talk with James “The Hood“, the pak128.Britain manager and graphics creator.

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Encourage Developers To Post News

Now we should encourage all programmers, pak set maintainers and everyone else who is busy with things around Simutrans to post news here.

Unfortunately I can only say that my pak.Excentrique is on halt currently, due to being busy with other projects. But I’ll be back!

– Hajo

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