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Pak 32.comic sources now on Sourceforge

The source files of pak32.comic are now beeing stored in the simutrans svn repository on Sourceforge, link.

Main purpose of this is to store the files safely, and make them available to people who want to draw something for the set, but you can also browse the files for fun.

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Pak32.Comic is in the translator now!

pak32.comicI finally managed to upload the p32c Set to the Translator.  Now you can contribute texts/translations in your native language.

Thanks in advance,



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Pak 32 comic version 0.8.2 out now

A new version of Pak 32 comic has been released.

New features are:

  • Diagonals for roads
  • Rivers
  • a channel
  • Stops for the above

Names of citybuildins were changed, so old savegames won’t load, sorry.

Fix: freight images, they should work now.


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New release of pak32.comic

A new version of pak32.comic, v0.8.1, has been released. It includes just some little updates like a new industry chain (Farm – Windmill -Market), some new diesel locos and a more compact menu to play on 640×480 resolution. Remember that this pakset is specially recommended for small screen devices like smartphones.

You can download it here.

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