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Happy new year 2012!

Near Ueno Station

The Simutrans community wishes you all the best for 2012.

Special thanks to the devevelopment team of Simutrans for the superb work they did during 2011, and we hope that it will continue during this year.

Also thanks to all the great people making Simutrans a fascinating game: players, testers and graphic artists. 2012 looking promising… best of wishes and happy new year!

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New russian board at International Simutrans Forum

St_Basils_CathedralWe have great news for russian simutrans players. The simutrans community has decided to open a new language board for russian speakers, since many people has manifested their interest on this issue lately. It will be moderated by inkelyad.

In addition to that, the ISF team has enabled the russian language for the forum interface, so now there’s no excuse. Get an account at the forum, select russian as your native language, and enjoy been part of a growing community of players, artists and developers!

Visit the new Russian language board at the International Simutrans Forum.

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Simutrans wants to know more about you!

If you have played or play Simutrans, we would like to invite you to participate in the Simutrans players survey.

We would like to know how much experience do you have dealing with Simutrans, which OS do you use, the amount of time you dedicate to the game, the version you use, etc… To sum up, we try to get the whole picture of several aspects about the way you play Simutrans so we can improve them.

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SNFOS, a meeting point for the Simutrans french community.

Seb444, a french member of the Simutrans community has announced that SNFOS site is back again. Snfos means French National Society of Objects for Simutrans.

It’s a sort of group that creates projects for Simutrans, related with France, and focus mainly on trains, maglev, buildings and attractions. The most famous project hosted there right now is the MLM train, created by gauthier but they’re also developing a set of high speed french trains.

If you want to join SNFOS and participate in project’s development or submit your project on the site, contact with the administrator (see Contact link)

Visit SNFOS at

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