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Simutrans Experimental 10.1 released

Today James Petts released version 10.1 of Simutrans Experimental. This is a minor new release, with several bug fixes like nettool, linux x64 compilation, xml games support and allow extension of runways again.

You can download it from the International Simutrans Forum.

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Simutrans 110.0.1 released

simutrans-logoSimutrans v110.1 is out. As said Prissi, our head developer, “it’s mostly a bug fix release.This is the first version incorporating multiplayer and tons of bugfixes and improvements. “

This time we have MAC builds.

Notice:  Complete versions (i.e. pak64 + executable) are discontinued. Please use the online installer for download!


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pak.german minor update

There’s a new small update for the pak.german pakset (102.2.2c). It’s mainly a bugfix release but it also includes several news like new stations, trams and trains.

The development team has fixed several alignment problems and has changed the attributes from some trains and platforms, in order to balance the gameplay.

You can download it here.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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Shades 6.1 released

After some time, there’s a new version of Shades, a tool for removing rebel pixels created by VS.

This release is a mostly bugfix version… one new thing is the recoloring tool, which can be used to add easily player colours to your graphics. It’s recommended to upgrade.

You can download it here. The source code is also available VS site.

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