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Simutrans in Facebook

Facebook self portrait

Facebook by Ruben F. Castro

It’s a well known fact that nowdays Facebook is an important platform to promote something, thus some members of the Simutrans comunitty have decided to get Simutrans into this social network.

Firstly, we have recently created a Facebook Simutrans fan site, that contains several screenshots and the official logo too. Now you can list Simutrans under your games in your facebook profile and colaborate with images, comments or videos in the wall.

On the other hand, some time ago several people already created a Facebook Simutrans fan group. There are no admins in the group and it’s not very crowded indeed but we expect to boost it with the new fan site. Anyway, the group has 168 members, so it’s growing slow but sure.

We hope you to join us in Facebook in order to promote the game and reach to more potential players.

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Theme of the blog… is back

We managed to fix a small problem in one of posts that broke the layout of the blog; depending on the browser the blog becomes almost unreadable.

The problem solved: the theme of our blog and the blog itself are back at all steam.

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SNFOS, a meeting point for the Simutrans french community.

Seb444, a french member of the Simutrans community has announced that SNFOS site is back again. Snfos means French National Society of Objects for Simutrans.

It’s a sort of group that creates projects for Simutrans, related with France, and focus mainly on trains, maglev, buildings and attractions. The most famous project hosted there right now is the MLM train, created by gauthier but they’re also developing a set of high speed french trains.

If you want to join SNFOS and participate in project’s development or submit your project on the site, contact with the administrator (see Contact link)

Visit SNFOS at

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