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New set of tools for GIMP

We have a new set of tools for image processing in the Simutrans community, that complements the Shades tool.

It’s recomended for those who work with special colors directly within the XCF file (gimp native image format). It offers several functions like selecting, removing, repairing, lightening, darkening and converting special colors. It works with six different groups of special colors, the basic in Simutrans: Non-darkening greys, Windows, Primary player colors, Secondary player colors, Lights and Transparency.

You can download it here. More details at the Simutrans International Forum

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TileCutter version 0.5.4-alpha has been released

A new version 0.5.4-alpha of the Simutrans Building Editor, TileCutter, is now available for testing. This is likely to be the last alpha release, before moving into beta status.

This new version provides a better controls layout and handling of save locations, caching of last save location. A couple of bugs related with wxGTK and dialog boxes have been fixed. Moreover, some translations have been updated.

More details can be found on the forum, here.

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