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new pakset on the way… pak96.hh

pak96hh screenshotThis is an old project from 2006, carried out by Frank. The original idea is to take pak64’s scale but using 96 pixel tiles. This gives the player more space for the surrounding environment of the objects.

You can download an early demo with non free objects for a better gaming experience, but you will also need simuttd pakset and a test game. Remember the pakset is still under development.

More details at Simutrans International Forum.

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pak.HD development rebooted!

pak96.HD2 testDid you remember that awesome hand drawn pakset created by Raven long time ago? We got good news for you. Nico192, from the German Simutrans Forum, has started a new colored version of that pakset called pak96.HD2.

It’s in a very early stage of development, by now there’s only a couple of buildings and some ground tiles, but the roadmap of the project looks very promising.

You can follow the discussion here and although there’s no release yet, you can also download several test objects at German Forum.

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